We can take any title opinion requirements, cure them, and respond with a report – and the documents – to satisfy those requirements.

Title Curative

Title Curative is a set of procedures used to cure defects in chain of title, such as correcting instruments which are erroneous or ambiguous, and determine whether the actual use and possession of the land is consistent with record title. Because title curative can often present more opportunities for failure than any other aspect of land work, Peveto & Associates provides experienced title curative services that provide insight into everyday curative matters, as well as insight into matters that could cause future title curative problems during the acquisition process.

We implement procedures to prioritize and manage all curative requirements. This coordinated approach allows us to classify requirements for significance, assign priorities and assess risk, which in turn, enables us to address timing, cost, threats, and potential consequences as needed to ensure positive outcomes for our clients.

The Peveto & Associates Curative Team will obtain the necessary documents to satisfy the requirements of the examining attorney. We operate every project knowing one of the most critical elements of the project process is our responsiveness and level of urgency when it comes to supporting your title prerequisites.

Our Title Curative Team Delivers:

  • Correction leases
  • Ratifications of leases
  • Affidavits of
    • Non-production
    • Ownership, Use and Possession
    • Heirship
    • Identity
  • Certified Copies of Probate and other pertinent instruments filed in another county(ies)
  • Releases of Liens