We serve our clients with honesty, reliability and hard work.


At Peveto & Associates, Inc., we promise to serve you with a spirit of loyalty and dedication. To stay true to our core values and to continue to honor the trust our family name has earned during its three generations of leadership in the oil and gas business.

Robert S. Peveto, Jr., President

Robert S. Peveto, Jr., President


You have a lot of options. Here are a few key reasons you should choose Peveto & Associates, Inc. as your landman.

EXPERIENCE - Our staff has the most diversity of experience of any broker in Texas. We have first-hand knowledge of mineral law, contract law and the language of leases. And our people know how to talk straight with folks, whether across the counter at the county courthouse or across the dinner table in a country home.

LONGEVITY - We've served Texas and the West for three generations. In business since 1921, Peveto & Associates, Inc. has a track record of reliability and longevity.

SENSE OF URGENCY - We know that time is money. So at Peveto & Associates, Inc. we all work with a feeling of urgency. We don’t let jobs sit. It’s all about getting what needs to be done for the folks that need it done right now! And giving them a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.

LEGACY OF TRUST - We value loyalty and integrity, words and values that many have kicked aside over the years. To honor the trust that we have earned, we hire only members of the American Association of Petroleum Landmen (AAPL) who are in good standing and adhere to the association’s Code of Ethics.

BREADTH OF SERVICES - We offer the broadest range of services in Texas. They are all integrated - from lease acquisition and title work to the calculation of working interests and determination of division orders. In addition to dispute resolution skills, Peveto & Associates Inc. can assist in right-of-way acquisition, well activity research and multiple in-house administrative disciplines.

Peveto & Associates, Inc.: Trust Us to Go the Distance

Adhering to the code of ethics and standards of practice of "AAPL"
American Association of Professional Landmen.