It was 1841. They were a band of 70. Farmers, shopkeepers, and adventurers, all gathered on the banks of the Missouri near the town of Independence. Flanked by cattle and livestock. Wives, children, and all their worldly belongings packed into canvas-covered wagons. Dreamers wanting something better for themselves. Starting on a trail of hope over an uncertain path to the Oregon Territory.

They were the first to go. But, thousands were to follow over the next 50 years. And all with one thing in common…a shared trust.

A belief that their chosen leaders – the wagon masters, trail guides and scouts who led them – would be good, honest, reliable, and effective.

Robert S. Peveto, Jr., President

Robert S. Peveto, Jr., President

Since 1921 private landowners and oil companies– independents and majors alike – have put that same trust in the name Peveto and the leadership that family name has represented for three generations.

Today, now in its fourth generation, Peveto & Associates Inc. still values loyalty and continues to honor the trust that it has earned.

As a Texas-based brokerage firm serving in the tradition of industry scouts, Peveto provides the manpower to search for, establish, and purchase oil and gas leases. Proving mineral ownership in specified areas of land for majors, independents, and individuals.

As your landman and Scout, you can trust Peveto to be up to the challenge. And lead you to your oil or gas field of dreams, whether it lies 2,400 miles across rivers and mountains or in the next county over.


Peveto & Associates, Inc.: Trust Us to Go the Distance

Adhering to the code of ethics and standards of practice of "AAPL" American Association of Professional Landmen.


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